Air Force Meet

This past weekend, Feb. 4th, the Huskies faced the second ranked Cardinal team (Stanford) and the 8th ranked cadets of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Co. Competing at 5280 feet above the see level isn't always easy, but it certainly is a lot of fun to measure ourselves against these teams. Stanford placed first with 420.450 points, followed by the blue & silver team (406.100), and we achieved 380.300 points. The Huskies, lead by Head Coach Mark Russo, are very optimistic about the season. This is a new team. It is very young, with 10 of its 15 athletes being freshmen and sophomores, and the Huskies need these kinds of competitions to get the younger guys out there so they can have competitive experience and continue to grow their confidence when they see we are doing the same skills as the higher ranked teams. It always boils down to every routine, to every skill and every landing no matter what. "We have to get our falls to a minimum and stop bouncing our landings" Head Coach Mark Russo concluded.