Maccabiah Gymnastics Live feed

From: Max Soifer. I’ve been in Tel Aviv for the last week and a half, preparing for the Maccabiah games and exploring the country of Israel! So far it has been an incredible experience connecting my two strongest identities, my judaism and being a gymnast. Last night was opening ceremonies where I got to march out with the 1,200 person Team USA contingent in front of a 40,00 person crowd. I have never felt more pride in my country, my heritage, and myself at any other point in my life. My competition is on Tuesday the 11th at 3:00pm (5:00am PST, 8:00am ET). We are going to try to set up a live stream on Facebook at Maccabiah USA Gymnastics ’17. The link is here. The internet is not great here, but we will do our best. we are going to film every routine and post it on this Facebook page as well, so if all else fails, hopefully you can watch the videos after the meet! Thank you all for your support on this journey. I know I am missing a few people, so please share this with whomever you think my be interested! All the best! Max