Pac 12 Invitational Preview

The Dawgs will be heading to Stanford this weekend for the Pac 12 Invitational.  The competition is this Saturday, February 10th at 4:00pm in the Burnham Pavilion.  There are four men’s gymnastics teams that represent schools in the Pac 12.  2nd ranked Stanford and 12th ranked Cal Berkley are both Division 1 schools, while 13th ranked ASU and 17th ranked Washington are both very competitive self-funded programs.

The Dawgs have been working harder than ever.  Injuries are healing, and routines are getting more consistent.  The morale in the gym has been positive and focused as we refuse to back down or lose our determination to climb the rankings and defeat our rivals, the Sun Devils. 

Be sure to check our Facebook page for the live stream of the meet around 4:00pm this Saturday evening!  Go Dawgs!