WA Open Preview

The Dawgs have been working so hard to prepare for the 2018 season. The Washington Open has always been the first chance to showcase our abilities each year. This Sunday the 7th at 7:30pm, the dawgs will show what they are made of starting with the Vault.

Vault is our strongest event with very clean Yurchenko, Tsuk, and Kasamatu vaults, some with multiple twists! Our second event, Parallel Bars, have some very clean routines to show. Although the difficulty this season is not yet up to the standard of previous seasons, we hope the execution of these routines will make up for what we’ve lost in difficulty. Horizontal Bar, another strong event, will show off some high flying releases and unique dismounts. Floor will be one of the dawgs best event this year, but there are a few injuries that our top tumblers will need to heal from in able to show our true strength on this event. For a long time, the Pommel Horse has been our weakest event… not this year! These dawgs have some very difficult routines that they have been hitting in practice and should be fun to watch. Rings took a hit with the loss of some of our strongest gymnasts from last season. While we have some very strong freshman with the potential for world class ring routines, we will be working hard to increase difficulty to get as close to last seasons scores as possible.

Over all, Head Coach Giancarlo and I are very proud of the work that these young men have put in. We are excited for the potential this team has to compete with the best and potentially climb the college rankings. Come see the Dawgs show what they’ve got this Sunday the 7th at 7:30pm at the Marv Harshman Court adjacent to the Alaska Airlines Basketball Arena.

-Assistant Coach Jeff Crockett