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Meet Coach Mark Russo

Mark has been coach since the 1988-89 season. Coach Russo is one of the most dedicated gymnastics coaches I know. Mark graduated from UW and, as a freshman, he was asked to join the Men's team where he was known as the big talent on the UW team. Jim Holt, a former WSU gymnast was his coach. While Mark was a university student, he started working in the age-group program organized by the University Women's coach, Bob Ito. In 1986 he became head coach of the children's program and when Jim Holt resigned in 1988 also head coach of the men's club team. During this time he moonlighted by coaching at a private gymnastics club in Lynnwood - Cascade Elite. Mark is a Washington product - born here, educated here, trained here. He is 100% Washington gymnastics. He lives and breathes the sport. We couldn't possibly find a better man as a coach. He has consistently produced quality teams and several outstanding gymnasts like Jeff Johnson and Jeff Crockett. He is always eager to hear from interested gymnasts, former team members, and any community members with a love for the sport.

Abstract from Dr. Eric Hughes
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