Team Facts

What does it cost to be on the team?

The only cost is a $40 registration fee each year to cover the fees to our home gym, Cascade Elite Gymnastics. Everything gymnastics related is paid for: grips, tape, chalk, competition uniforms and warm-up, competition fees, travel to away meets, and meals when traveling to competition. USAG provides your annual athlete registration at no cost. The gymnast's living expensives and school tuition fees are not included, although scholarships are available to assist with these fees. We also expect gymnasts have their own health insurance coverage and any costs that arise from medical care during the year will be the gymnast's responsibilty.

How is the program funded?

Our program is completely funded by the money we raise or receive in donations. We do not receive funding from the University of Washington, any local college, or the private club where we train.

What types of fundraising does the team do?

We raise money in several different ways:
-In the fall, we serve as ushers at UW football games, set up for UW volleyball competitions, and have a donation campaign
-we host the Washington Open, an age group competition for approximately 350 boys in January
-we move apparatus for UW Women's gymnastics meets ( 7 meets) in the winter
-we set-up and tear down equipment for age group competitions for private clubs in the greater Seattle area.
-we may also rent out unused gymnastics equipment (portable high bar system, and UB system minus the actual bar)
-we rent a gymnastics scoring system and system operaters for local competitions

What does the competition season look like?

We compete January through March and participate in approximately 6-7 meets. In our league there are approximately 18 other programs in the US. We compete against nearly all of the NCAA + Collegiate Club teams.

Every other year we plan a major trip to compete internationally. We've been to Europe, Asia, and Central America in recent years.

Are there any restrictions from NCAA competitions?

We cannot compete at the NCAA championships due to eligibility, but otherwise are able to attend all other competitions.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis as opposed to a 4 or 5 year contract. Scholarships are awarded based on two determining factors: 1) the gymnast's impact to the team and 2) the gymnast's financial need.
There is no limit on the number of applicants or the number of times an athelete may apply. The qualities and skill set which are deemed to impact the team may vary from year to year. Our budget for scholarships varies, but we are always working on increasing our yearly allocations to help support our students. For the 2016-17 competition season, WMGF awarded $35,000 for Scholarships.

In addition to our own scholarships, USA Gymnastics Men's Program began in 1996 a men's scholastic scholarship program through the National Gymnastics Foundation. The program was part of an overall foundation initiative to address individual needs within the men's and women's programs from the grassroots level all the way to the elite level. Since 1996, the National Gymnastics Foundation Men's Scholastic Scholarship program has annually distributed between $20,000 to $36,000.

What are the eligibility requirements to earn a scholarship?

Gymnasts applying for a scholarship must fill out an application, including information regarding financial need. The academic requirement mandates that gymnasts must maintain a passing grade in 12 credits. The total scholarship will be awarded in thirds at the end of each quarter. Monies are distributed in a personal check and can be used as needed towards expenses at the gymnast's discretion.

How can the team help with living expenses?

Beyond scholarship support, there is the option of living in the Team House.
The Team House is a 6 bedroom house which is located near the UW Seattle campus with rooms available to rent only to gymnastics team members. The rent per room is less than market price for surrounding area and a great way to build lasting bonds with your teammates. Availabilty is subject to change and is not guarenteed. Gymnasts carpool to the training facility as needed.

Where do the gymnasts live?

Anywhere that suits them best. Some gymnasts live in the Team House near the UW main campus. Some live on campus at the schools they are attending and others live in off campus housing options such as apartments, homes, or with family. Since our athletes attend classes in different locations or online there are no specific requirements about where you live.

So what is the difference between club team and an NCAA team?

There really is no difference in training and competition and fraternity. We just have an additional fundraising component to our schedule.

I've heard you go to international competitions?

We are only restricted by our budget, but we are allowed to compete anywhere. Past team trips have included competitions in Italy, Japan, Germany, Guatamala, and Cost Rica.

How much do you train?

We train 18.5 hrs a week, and average approximately 2-3 hrs/wk of fundraising although there is some fluctuation. All week day training is in the evening hours, with one weekend day and one weekday day off. School remains the priority, if a school schedule conflict arises which cannot be easily resolved, we will try to accommodate it.